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Refund Policy

Killexams Guarantee & Refund Policy

BBB Truste Verisign Guarantee Secured BizRate

Killexams Offers 100% money back gurantee OR two new products of your choice in compensation.
(whichever you choose)

Killexams provides its customers with top quality products. Our main goal is your I.T. training and your success in the field! The products provided by Killexams are high Quality in respect of authenticity, reliability, accuracy and validity.

Killexams Training PDFs are prepared and reviewed by Certification Professionals and Experts who have years of experience in field.

Patterns and contents are continuously reviewed. Contents are updated depending upon the change of technology topics. There is always 95% coverage of all the topics in Killexams Products.

Unmatchable, Top-ranked Customer Service. Killexams Team provides 24/7 after sale assistance. Killexams Experts help the customers to solve problems related to the technical questions.

We are Confident that you will enjoy your study with us, we offer Full refund if you prepare our guides and do not satisfy your training needs.

How to Claim the Refund / Exchange?

In case of failure your money is fully secure by Killexams Guarantee Policy. Before claiming the guarantee all downloaded products must be deleted and all copies of Killexams Products must be destroyed.

Claim of refund can be submitted within 1 month of buying the exam.

Bulk Purchases with bulk discounted prices are not subject to claim refund.

To claim Killexams Refund/Exchange Policy you must submit the Examination Score Report in PDF format within 5 days of Test and a filled in Refund Form Or Exchange Form to Billing. Billing Team will then verify the authenticity of documents submitted and arrange the refund within 7 days after receiving the email and confirmation process.

For those who give up the right of claiming refund and want to exchange it for another training product. Killexams Offers 2 Free Training Products as compensation including original Purchase.

Give it a try and you will lose nothing! KILLEXAMS TEST PREP ARE ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE!