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Information Privacy

We don't need your Personal Information!

We do not need your Personal Information like Your Home Address, Office Address, City, Country, Phone numbers, Fax Numbers, Facebook ID, Twitter or any other Personal or Social Media Information because, we only need your email address that is used to communicate with you regarding updates. All free email addresses are accepted. Your username and password are already generated by our system. It means, your information is fully secured because, we don't have it.

We use 3rd Party Payment Gateway to process your transaction. They are fully secured and handle your transaction with state of the art security systems. You will pay for our products to 3rd pary pament gateway as you buy any other thing in your daily life. You can use any payment method provided by the payment gateway that suits you, like Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank/Wire Transfer, Direct Debit and several other supported payment methods. There is no risk involved.

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