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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to incorporate and answer all the possible questions that need to be clarified before or after buying the product. We have covered the questions regarding payment system, currencies, VAT, payment methods, membership, package deals, validity, account validity, downloads, conversions etc. If you don't find any of the question that is not answered here, you can contact us at Support Page and we will please to answer you.

Products Related Questions

What are killexams Products?
QA Software:
Our QA product include accurate, to the point and comprehensive study guide. It is downloadable file. You can carry the file in your laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad or any other handheld device including phones and continue reading and preparing your topics for knowledge building. You can take high quality print and make your own book, that you can carry anywhere you feel comfortable to read. Visit our website for demo of any study guide.

Training Engine Software (Exam Simulator):
Testing and Training Engine is exam simulator software that you can buy separately or within package. It is very powerful tool to prepare the topic and testing your knowledge. It provide you real test environment with time limited test and you can see if you can do well in real examination environment. It saves history and guide you about your preparation level.

Preparation Pack:
Preparation Pack include both QA Software as well as Exam Simulator Software in very cheap price. You can order preparation pack to get both Printable book format and computer based testing tool to best train you about the topics. Carry the book with you and study the topics in the guide and test your knowledge on testing engine with your performance monitoring and time limited tests.
What is Killexams Exam Simulator?
Killexams offers Interactive Testing Engine called Exam Simulator, that can be downloaded and installed on any Windows Operating System. Exam Simulator has special features of Practice and Real Test Mode that can be experienced by downloading demo of any product for testing before purchase.
What is the difference between Practice Mode and Real Test Mode?
Practice mode help you with the Try, Guess and Workout about the answer of the quiz. You can take as much time you need to workout on the answer. You can see the answer when you need to. You can mark and review the questions you are preparing. But in Real Test Mode, you will feel like the real test environment. Once started, you can not pause the test. You can not see the answers. You can just mark / review, you can not see explanations / references. After completing the test time, or ending the test, you will see you performance as well as performance graph that tells you how are you doing.
What is 3 months, 6 months and 1 Year validity?
During this period, you will be able to download latest changes in the exam Q&A. For example, if you purchased 3 month account, all the updates in the exam Questions/Answers will be uploaded in your MyAccount for 3 months and you will be able to download updated exam Questions/Answers free of cost. Just sign-in and re-download the exam, it will be updated copy.
Is it possible to extend the expired product?
Yes, when the validity of your product validity are over, you have the option of renewing your expired products with a special discount. This can be done in your My Account area. Please note that you will not be able to download updated product after it has expired if you dont renew it.
How many time can I download updates within my validity period?
You can download your product Unlimited number of times during validity period.
Do you offer any bundle with access to all exams?
No, we do not provide any bundle offer containing access to all products in one price. You can choose the exam that you want to prepare and pass.
Rather than providing 100s of obsolete exams, we provide updated exams but you have to pay for the exam you need.

Updates related Questions

What are the updates and what is updates frequency?
Killexams delivers up to date exam dumps and Test Simulator Product of all study topics. Update is a continuous process at our end. We remain updating the Qprep as well as Test Simulator. Whenever any change in the technology is observed, we change our Qprep accordingly so that our customers can download up-to-date Training Guide.
How to Verify that I am downloading latest version?
Our system will copy most updated version of the guide in your My Account automatically. Thats why when you download the file, you will get the latest file.
How often are your products updated?
There is NO FIXED DATE for the update of study guide. All killexams Products are continuously monitored by relevant team and if any change in the technology is observed, our product will be updated accordingly. No action is required from customers as guides are copied in customer account automatically.
Do you charge separately for Updates?
We provide Free updates during the validity period. To download the updated copy of study guide or Test Engine, your product should be within validity period. In case of Expired Products you must extend the product access for another 90 days (at Special Discount) to get Updates.
How do I know that there has been an update?
You should have to visit our website once in a week or whenever you need.
Product is showing lesser number of Questions than before?
During the Product Updates the older Quiz that no longer form the part of technology are removed and that is why Product might be left with lesser number of quiz.
Update date shows the file is updated but contents are same, is it really updated?
Our team checks for update daily, if the QAs are physically updated, file is changed and new QAs are included. If there is no change found in QAs, Update date has been changed to the date when we checked for new QAs.

Products Download Related Issues

I have paid for my Product when can I download my product?
If the payment was successful and you have received the confirmation e-mail from, you can download the Product right away.
Where can I Download Product?
Just Sign In to your account and you will see the list of all products you purchased with validity. Click on the product you want to download and thats it. Open the PDF with Acrobat Reader
I want to install my Product on second PC/Laptop? Can I?
Killexams Test Engine is allowed to install on 2 Computers, like Home and Office. But PDF version of study guide is allowed to copy on 4 devices, including computers and hand held devices.
If I buy now when can I download it?
You can download the products from your user center instantly after successful payment.

Troubleshooting / Installation Error

I have just purchased the product but I am getting error in downloading. How long it takes to setup the product?
Usually your My Account is setup and products are copied within no time. But if you experience more than an hour delay. Contact our support via Support Page.
I receive a Runtime Error message when I try to open the test engine. How can I fix it?
Please try the following steps:

1. Uninstall the Exam Simulator Completely;
2. Download the Exam Simulator from your account.
3. Install the new one in your computer.

4. Start new exam simulator and open .sis file with it.
If you still could not solve this problem, please contact Support.
How to Install Exam Simulator and Load Exam?
Please Click Here to See Video
Please follow the Instructions below;
1. Login to our My Account
2. Download Exam Simulator Software and Install in your computer.
3. Download Exam Simulator Test Files and Unzip In your computer.
4. Run Exam Simulator Software, Enter below username/password and Open Exam files (.sis)
My Exam Simulator Open Exam Button Blinks or Stuck when I open Exam Data File (.sis), What is issue?
You need to have English Windows Installed or Display Language Should be English.
Follow the steps below
Control Panel -> Clock, Language and Region -> Region -> Administrative -> Change System Locale and select English (United States) - Apply and Restart Computer (If asked)
You can visit the following website for guidance to set your Non-unicode language to english.
Or If you still face issue, contact
I have MacOS, How can I install Exam Simulator. What are the possibilities.
Exam Simulator is Windows Supported Application but you can use it on MacOS with the following ways;
1. Install Wine on MacOS and run windows app. See guide on
2. Install VMware Workstation on your MacOS and Install Windows 7 or later in Virtual Machine.
3. Install Windows 7 or Later as Dual boot at your MacOS Computer
4. Use any other Windows Emulator to run Windows app on MacOS
My Drag and Drop or hotspot are not working.
We provide questions, options and you can choose the best answer from single choice and multiple choice questions but in the hotspot/drag drop questions, you should memorize the true answers. We take screenshots of hostspot/drag and drop question for your best preparation of exam. But programmable drag and drop could not be provided due to frequent change in the exam QAs. That's why, drag and drop questions are provided for you to memorize the options for best marks in the real test.

Operating System Requirement

Are there any requirements for accessing Testing Engine Products?
There are following requirements:

- System: English Windows ver. 7 or above
- Internet Access needed for downloading and updating Product.
- Permission to Install programs on your PC
The downloaded file is a .zipped file, how do I open it?
Your product is "zipped" or "compressed" to save space and for efficient transmission from our server to your PC. You can "unzip" your files by using widely used utilities such WinZip or Winrar. Once you have unzipped your application you will be able to install and launch it on your PC.

Login Issues

I am having problem in Sign in, It says Invalid Username / Password?
Check your Username and Password. Try Recovering your password at Sign In Page. If you still face issue, contact our Technical Support at Support Page.
After login, I am taken back to the home page, How can I login to My Account?
Make sure that you are filling the correct Username and Password. Otherwise the problem is with your internet browser. Restart the computer and change Internet Settings if necessary. Sometimes changing internet browser also helps. If the problem persists, please contact Support.
I have forgot my account Password, How do I recover?
Please click Forgot Password to re-set your password. Alternatively, ask our Live Support or send email to to resolve this issue.
I want to change my password, How would I do that?
Sign In to your account. You will see change password option at left panel. Click it. Provide your present username/password, enter new password and confirm.

Payment and Order Related Queries

How can I pay for the order?
Killexams is accepting payments in many ways. Most popular one is Paying instantly through Credit card, Debit card and all other cards. You can also pay using Bank Wire Transfer or Paypal. Click here to see all supported Payment Methods
What kind of credit/debit cards does killexams accept?
Killexams accepts most popular credit cards and debit cards including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Dinner Club International, Maestro, Solo, JCB, and CarteBleue.
Is my credit card information secure at your site and how secure is your website?
Killexams is 100% secured by McAfee and SSL. We absolutely can make sure that your card information is secure at our website which is guaranteed by our Credit Card Processors. A part of information is available to us like Name and Email Address, which is used to maintain your account. Rest of information like Card details are protected by Credit Card Processor Company.
I am trying to Pay for my product, but I always get "unauthorized" message. How can I pay for it?
Please make sure that you are filling in all the fields correctly. You may try using an alternate Payment Method for this purchase. Please contact our Billing Department for payment assistance.
In what currency accept payment? payment processor base currency is US Dollars (US$). But our payment processor accept worldwide currencies. It converts the price of product from US$ to your local currency and charge the credit card / debit card.
What type of discounts offer and How can I avail Discount?
Killexams is very good to customers. We offer Coupon Discount, Event Discount, Bulk Purchase Discount and Special Discount. You can avail Coupon Discount by entering coupon code in Shopping Cart. Event Discount is announced when observed any international even like Xmas, Eid, Holi etc. Bulk Purchase Discount is given when customer buy more than three guides. Special Discount is provided by sales for special cases.
Where I can find the Discount Coupons?
Killexams post its Discount Coupons eventually on coupon websites. Sometime, coupons are displayed in the shopping cart also. Enter the word Coupon in the search and any valid coupon will be displayed.
I Used killexams, I am not satisfied, how can I ask for a refund?
Please visit refund policy at website for details.
Does a third party can see your customers information from your website?
We the the information security very seriously. Our systems are fully secured and protected. We never share any personal information like, email addresses, passwords, name etc. to any third party and we never disclose any information at our forums or blogs. Thats why, be comfortable.
My transaction is cancelled/refunded, but bank still showing the charge, Why?
If your transaction is cancelled or refunded, bank shows the charge temporarily. Our bank does not claim the transaction and it reversed automatically after a certain period of time. Dont worry! never overcharge or duplicate charge.

Guarantee and Refund

I took the exam and failed, I need refund/exchange, how to proceed?
Please visit refund policy at website for details.

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